Wesley Stole My Heart

It was difficult for me to say goodbye but I knew that Wesley was going to be very happy. I had to give him one last hug before I sent him on his way!

Wesley, the little guy who captured my heart

On January 2, 2010, Wesley kicked off the New Year with a major change in his lifestyle. He became the official prince of a little princess named Jenna. The momentous meeting took place at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. As a giant dinosaur statue looked on, Wesley met his new doggie brother, Buster and his new “momma” Jenna. Along for the ride were Jenna’s dad and her two brothers.

We walked together along the Paluxy River bank, allowing everyone time get to know each other. I had a difficult time taking my eyes off Wesley. He kept looking up at me, as if imploring me to scoop him up and hold him. I did. I had to hug him one last time. He looked uneasy, a bit apprehensive, and my heart ached. Fortunately, I knew that this was going to be his day of victory: A new family, a new home, a new life! Best of all, a little girl named Jenna who would love him forever …

I bid him a fond farewell, and despite himself, I could tell he was excited. I think at that moment, when he entered the car and I stood back, he knew he was going to his forever home.
Today Wesley enjoys being the younger brother and loves nothing more than rousing older brother Buster up at 4:30 AM. But no way! Buster grumpily rolls back over to sleep. Aside from their disagreement about early rising times, he and Buster play happily together. Jenna has taken on her new found “mother” role quite naturally and beams with joy when Wesley does something cute. Unfortunately, Wesley can be a bit of mischief maker. He has a penchant for shredding up toys. Jenna’s dad tells me that when Wesley has been particularly active in this department he will call Jenna to report about her “child’s” misbehavior. Jenna quickly reminds dad that this is his “grandchild.” So, it’s a bit of a standoff.

Naturally, Jenna thinks that Wesley is perfect. And he is! A dramatic reflection of how far this little guy has come from the shy, insecure, scraggly dog that arrived at the start of the Fall of 2009.
Wesley, you will always be my special little guy …


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