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Great Pyrenees Kept in Chains for over 3 Years!

Kept in chains for over three years this Great Pyrenees wears the expression of resignation often displayed by neglected animals. His only human contact is when people walk by with their dogs (no one speaks to him or looks at him) and when the owner puts his food out for him, refills his water bucket, or yells at him for barking.

This story comes straight from my heart, this beautiful Great Pyrenees has been bound in chains 24/7 for over 3 years. I discovered him back in June 2008 when I was doing a pet sit in this area. He hardly has shelter from the elements, if he strains at his chain he can barely fit under this carport. He sleeps in this tiny little spot of the carport, right in front of the owner’s truck.

After some research and speaking with neighbors about the dog, I called the local Hays County (Texas) Sheriff’s office and reported this incident. It appears to be a violation of the Texas Legislature HB 1411 passed in September of 2007. (The portion I am referring to prohibits a dog from being chained between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM.) In addition, the collar appears to be a choke collar and the law clearly states this is prohibited.

When the officers arrived at the location I happened to be across the street walking my little charges. The deputies did not inspect the collar, they did not inspect the condition of the dog and they did not check if the animal was infested with fleas or had up-to-date rabies shots. Instead, they knocked on the door and began a lively and very friendly discussion with the owner. The owner, a sixtyish man, yucked it all up and soon the two deputies were joining him in the chuckles. All the while this poor animal was ignored. His condition not noted. And the owner getting away with it.

When I later spoke with this deputy, whose name is Yoeman, of the Hays County Sheriff’s office he informed me that the owner loves his dog, provides food and water for the dog, and that the dog is a watch dog. He also proceeded to inform me that these types of dogs are always outside and do not need shelter. I immediately informed him that the law does not exclude a Great Pyrenees from this type of torture. Deputy Yoeman then turned me over to another deputy who then informed me that three conditions have to be met before this becomes a violation. I was shocked the Sheriff’s Department was so ill informed about Texas laws, the very laws they are supposed to be enforcing.

I then proceeded to call the Hays County Animal Control officer, named Hall, with the same type of results. Total indifference and a complete lack of understanding about what the actual law states. The good ol’ boy network here in Texas is difficult to crack. These guys have no qualms about keeping a backyard “dawg” chained up for its entire life.

My only hope for this poor animal is the Texas Federation of Animal Care Services .

I will keep you posted. In the meantime please read this page about the plight of this poor dog and all others like him.

Please be their voice, if you witness this type of cruelty in your community do not sit by silently and do nothing. Help make positive changes in the laws by taking action.

Here is are some great web sites for more information:

Is There Anyone Out There Who Will Help Me?

Is there anyone out there who can help me?
You see I am living my life tied to a tree.
I’d like to have a family, someone who would love me.
Instead, I am tied to this tree.
I would love to be free…but I am tied to this tree.
I am not happy—can’t you see?
I would love to have someone who cared about me.
Instead, I am tied to this tree.
I am here 24/7 with no one who cares about me.
I have water that is true, you can see the yellow bucket that’s your clue.
But what is water? What is food? When life is lived at the end of a chain tied to a tree?
I am a Great Pyrenees, a proud breed, a working type but this is what has been given to me: living my life at the end of a chain tied to a tree.
I know that there are no laws to protect me. I guess people can do what they want to me. As long as I have water you see, they say it’s okay to keep a dog chained to a tree.
As long as I have water you see, it’s okay to neglect a dog chained to a tree.
As long as I have water you see, it’s okay that a dog dies chained to a tree.
I am a Great Pyrenees and I live a short life, and mine is being spent at the end of a chain tied to a tree.
Why did this happen to me?
I don’t know, I must have done something wrong.
But I sure wish I could be free, to have someone just care about me, I only ask that just one time I could be free from this tree.
Would you please come by and take a look at me? Help spread the word? Perhaps someone will do something for me? Perhaps someone will rescue me? I sure don’t want to die at the end of this chain tied to a tree.

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