Meet Lola

Meet Lola
Presented by SecurePet Pet Sitter Services of Wimberley, Texas

"Caaaaw, caaaw, caaaw! Wow, I really like the sound of that! I really love to hear myself screech and make wonderful Macaw sounds. I'm so loud and can really get people's attention. If I could fly out of this cage, Id try out for American idol. Why not? I'm a natural talent."

Lola     Age: Not Telling
What I am: Blue and Gold Macaw
Hometown: Wimberley, Texas
Favorite song: “Yes, We Have no Bananas!” by Spike Jones
Favorite movie: Green Mansions
Favorite actor: Lucille Ball
Hobbies: Shredding Banana Leaves
Occupation: Almond Gourmand
What I hate: Molting
What I love: Flying
One word description: Colorful
Fashion accessory fav: Gold
Favorite pet sitter: SecurePet Pet Sitter Services, Wimberley, Texas


SecurePet Pet Sitter Services is located in Wimberley, Texas and provides pet sitting care for all types of animals: ranch animals, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles (but not gators!) and amphibians. We specialize in pets with special needs. This full-service pet sitting company will ensure that all your pets receive the best of care while you are away on business … or pleasure.

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