Starved Horses owned by Veterinarians!

December 18, 2008 by Editor  
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Starving Horses Owned by Vets!

The Surrey SPCA was called in to deal with a dead horse on December 8, 2008. The emaciated animal collapsed after being forced to pull a car from a ditch. More shocking still was the discovery of five more horses in varying degrees of starvation inside the barn. Yet, the Langley, British Columbia farm (where the horses were housed) was hiding an even more sinister fact: it was the home of two veterinarians, Mark Morohn and Carol Schoyen.

Starved horses owned by pair of veterinarians

Animal Protection Officer, Shawn Eccles, remarked on the preposterous notion that anyone in their right mind frame would use an animal in this condition to pull a vehicle out of ditch, “That’s outrageous … to take a look at the animal itself they believe that animal has the health to do this. I’m stunned. Stunned.

British Columbia CTV News discovered that the veterinarian’s practice has changed ownership. When asked to comment on this situation Dr. Jeff Grognet, President of the BC Veterinary Medical Association stated, “Veterinarians, in my mind, would be held at a higher standard of care. They can pull a license pending the investigation. In our situation, we have to investigate and reach a conclusion before we can look at suspending a license.”

In the meantime these unfortunate horses have a hope for a brighter and healthier future. The public support and offers for foster homes have been pouring in. And it is obvious that these noble thoroughbreds have captured the hearts of shelter works and the public.

Click here to sign the online petition to have Mark Morohn’s and Carol Schoyen’s license to practice veterinary medicine revoked.

The video of the downed horse forced to pull an automobile out of a ditch by its owners can be viewed below. The horse was in such a severe state of starvation and weakness it had to be euthanized.